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Leadership Series

In our experience, the long-term success of an organization depends on how effectively it unleashes employee potential. Effective employee development transforms individual performance into results. To help our clients achieve long-term success, The Faurote Group has developed several customized training series (Leadership, Management and Supervisor) aimed at aligning the experience level and needs of the individual with the appropriate competencies and skill set required to most effectively perform their jobs.

In every series, each program builds on the previous session. The programs are delivered over a period of time, allowing the individual to build and practice new skills and competencies in between sessions. Accountability measures increase the chances of training success.

One of our most popular series is a leadership development program entitled Managing Through Leading. This series is designed to help participants build the skills to lead people and teams, as well as internal and external clients. This particular series is delivered over a 12-month period and meets on a quarterly basis (two days). A brief description of the program topics is outlined below:

Session I

Our leadership philosophy says that effective leaders must first be able to lead themselves. In Session 1, we lay the foundation for what it takes to be an effective leader, discuss the importance of passion and purpose, focus on how to help the individual leverage his/her strengths and introduce the concepts of emotional intelligence and behavioral styles.

Session II

This session demonstrates how to effectively contribute through others. We help the individual understand that success as a leader is not dependent on what he/she accomplishes alone but rather what he/she accomplishes through others. The focus is on employee development (coaching, performance management, mentoring), motivation techniques, time management and leading teams.

Session III

Session III emphasizes the importance of presentation skills. Leadership is about influencing others and if an individual cannot confidently and clearly articulate his/her message, whether it is the vision of the company, or the company’s unique differentiators at a proposal opportunity, the message will not be heard. This session demonstrates how to speak up and be heard – and be believed as well.

Session IV

The final session ties everything together and addresses organizational leadership. We introduce strategic thinking, effective decision making, conflict management, leading change and creating value for customers.