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We’ll find a way.

Sometimes you simply need a fresh perspective to find your way. Faurote Group offers unique contracts with clients who want to focus on any of three organizational development keys: interpersonal, technological and structural. The interpersonal category deals with individual and group work relationships. The technological category focuses on processes, such as job design, job simplification and work flow analysis, to ensure that the processes provide adequate resources to achieve the organization’s goals. The structural category examines how the structure of the organization is helping or hindering the organization to successfully achieve its goals.

Faurote Group can also serve as Strategic Planning consultants. We start by interviewing Leadership to determine their strategic goals. Then we can help organize needed resources and establish or redefine company goals. Once implementation begins, we challenge the management team to develop metrics and accountability standards.

We can also help with Recruiting and Retention projects (i.e. help develop a structured interview process, create standard forms, and training interviewers on the flow of how to use the interview time for the most value).