What We Do

Let’s Talk EQ-i Certification Leadership Academy

Learn it and Live it.

The Faurote Group draws from a wide range of programs to custom build a plan based on your personal goals, challenges and needs. We blend hands-on activities, role plays, case studies and multi-media to boost engagement and encourage participation. While we’re confident that you will find the programs you need here, we also welcome the opportunity to develop new programs to meet your specific personal and professional goals.

Continuing Education

The Faurote Group works with sponsoring organizations to provide Continuing Education Credits for all our programs.


We work with anyone in your organization, from staff and students to managers and executives. We attempt to keep program audiences to an ideal size, based on the content and learning objectives. To maximize the learning experience, we recommend limiting audiences to no more than 25 participants when possible.

Length of Session

Most of our programs are designed to be delivered in 4-hour, 8-hour or 2-day increments. As with class size, we are flexible with the length of time to deliver any of our topics and can accommodate Keynotes and/or breakout sessions.