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Relationship Building

Effective Teams

Teamwork is essential to the progress of any organization. However, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process to develop efficient, creative and successful teams without proper training. Thus, it is crucial to have the knowledge and tools to organize effective teams. In this workshop, you will gain insights to building successful teams and creating an environment where collaborative efforts and productivity thrive.

With the help of this program, you will be able to:

– Recognize the components of effective teams

– Identify essential qualities of team leaders and team players

– Motivate team members

– Integrate individual communication styles to improve team communication and collaboration

– Confront and overcome common dysfunctions in teams

– Align each member’s abilities to maximize strengths and achieve results

– Increase the degree of trust and support amongst team members

– Create a team environment where accountability and productivity thrive

Program Length: 4-hour and 8-hour Sessions

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Developing Others, Self Development, Relationship Building

Leading Across Generations

The majority of today’s leading organizations face a common issue – multiple generations in the workplace. Each generation holds their own set of values, styles (leadership, communication, coaching, etc), perspectives and expectations increasing the potential for conflict. Successful organizations learn to understand and respect these differences while bridging the gap, leveraging strengths and minimizing weaknesses. This workshop provides insight into each of the generations and how to harness the value of a blended workforce.

This program will help you:

– Recognize the traits of each of the major generations in the workforce today

– Engage the “whole person,” helping team members apply their unique generational
    talents and insight

– Understand how stereotyping hinders communication, leadership and engagement

– Recognize generational differences in building productive teams

– Understand the nuances on coaching and mentoring each generation

– Apply generational awareness to support recruiting, retention and motivation

Program Length: 4-hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Compentencies: Communication, Self Development, Developing Others, Relationship Building, Teamwork


Networking can mean the difference between success or failure, making or breaking a deal, or simply finding a reliable plumber. To be successful at networking one must first understand the true purpose of a network – it’s not all about you but rather how to help others get what they want and need. In this program we will explore the elements of effective networking including how to make connections, discover your contacts’ needs and make the most of the relationships you create.

With the help of this program, you will be able to:

– Define what a network is and isn’t

– Identify the strengths of your network

– Identify the benefits of networking and how to capitalize on your connections

– Share the top 12 things a network can do

– Share the top 12 ways to stay connected

– Mine your network opportunities

– Understand why helping others is the primary objective of networking

– Confidently develop and nurture relationships

– Explore the technology options for social networking

Program Length: 4-hour Sessions

Core Competencies: Client Service, Commitment to Results, Communication, Organizational Awareness, Relationship Building

Relationship Strategies

It is almost impossible to be successful at anything you do without being an effective communicator. To avoid unwanted confusion, you must first understand your own communication tendencies and then assess others by accurately interpreting clues they provide when speaking, including what they say, how they say it and the body language they demonstrate. In this workshop you will obtain a better understanding of your own style, learn how to “read” people, adapt to their needs and create lasting relationships critical to business and personal success.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

– Recognize the four basic personality styles

– Understand your behavioral style and how to maximize strengths and weaknesses

– Read verbal, vocal and visual signals

– Adapt your communication style to accommodate others

– Be more flexible and versatile when dealing with others

– Create instant rapport and better compatibility

– Identify the keys to establishing trust, confidence and credibility in relationships

– Reduce conflict and tension in personal and business relationships

– Coach, counsel, mentor, compliment, delegate and motivate by style

– Increase productivity in your work environment

Program Length: 4-hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communication, Developing Others, Self Development, Relationship Building