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Employee Development Programs

Delegation: Leveraging Resources

“It’s easier and quicker for me to just do it myself.” “I don’t have anybody I can trust to delegate to.” Sound familiar? If you are struggling to transition from being an individual contributor to contributing through others, this course is for you. In this program, you will learn the practical step-by-step process to effective delegation, helping you save time, develop you and your staff, motivate others, build trust and produce desired results.

This program will teach you:

– Why delegation is important

– When it is appropriate to delegate

– How to identify what to delegate

– Who to delegate to

– How to effectively communicate during delegation

– How to delegate and still maintain control

– The difference between effective and ineffective delegation

– The benefits of effective delegation

– How to spot and overcome the common barriers

– Six key actions to effective delegation

Program Length: 4-hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communications, Developing Others, Relationship Building

Initiating & Receiving Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools for supporting and improving performance. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t know how to initiate, receive or act on feedback in a constructive manner. In this workshop, you will learn the importance and benefits of initiating and receiving feedback and address common misperceptions about feedback. You will also develop the skills to learn from and act on feedback in a constructive way to enhance your personal and professional development.

This workshop will help you:

– Understand your role in initiating and receiving feedback

– Prepare for a feedback session

– Set performance and development expectations

– Identify opportunities to proactively initiate feedback

– Learn key actions to constructively receive feedback without being defensive

– Focus on the message and clarify feedback

– Turn feedback into an action plan

Program Length: 4- hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Self Development, Relationship Building

LifePrint™ Coaching

One key to long-term success is to continually develop people to support and carry out your organization’s goals and vision. As easy as this sounds, many organizations generalize their career development strategies and fail to align employees’ abilities and desires with the organization’s objectives. The LifePrint™ Coaching program will help you engage people to become more productive and committed by properly aligning the individual with the organization’s needs.

In this program, you will:

– Identify characteristics of “Best” coaches

– Learn fundamental skills to be an effective coach

– Review the LifePrint™ Model as a platform for coaching (See Coaching for Performance)

– Discuss the impact effective coaching has on an individual’s ability to achieve
   Extraordinary Results

– Learn how to motivate and inspire others

– Discover how personality types affect communication and development

– Understand the difference between strengths, weaknesses, talents and skills

– Learn steps to conduct effective development discussions

– Define the responsibilities of both the coach and the coachee

Note: This program can be combined with our LifePrint™ to Living and Leading program as a two-part development series.

Program Length: Full Day Session

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Developing Others, Relationship Building

Mentoring Program

Research shows that a human connection is the best way to navigate through uncertain times. Any organization aiming to excel in today’s economy should look internally for mentors to create an environment that encourages people to thrive and grow. In addition, mentoring provides valuable information to the leaders of tomorrow. In this program we explore how to cultivate a mentoring environment, develop the skills needed to effectively mentor others and emphasize the benefits of contributing to the growth of both individuals and the organization.

This program will show you how to:

– Understand the mentoring concept

– Identify skills of effective managers

– Define the roles of the mentor and mentee

– Identify expectations of people to fulfill each role

– Address difficult situations

– Practice key listening and questioning skills to develop strong mentoring relationships

– Discover the concept of “reverse mentoring,” or  as we call it, “Reinventoring”

– Develop long lasting, trusting relationships

Program Length: 4-hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communication, Developing Others, Relationship Building

Coaching for Performance

Many organizations demand that their employees succeed, but are surprisingly bad at helping them to do just that. The reasons are numerous: “ I don’t like confrontation,” “I don’t want to hurt their feelings,” “I don’t have time,” etc. Coaching for Performance teaches the importance and benefits of providing constructive feedback. You’ll also learn how to address common hurdles, effectively deliver constructive feedback and create a culture of open and honest communication.

This program will help you:

– Understand your role in the feedback process

– Monitor performance and provide meaningful feedback every day

– Conduct performance discussions to change behavior and increase productivity

– Customize your coaching style to each employee

– Master practical, proven techniques for handling confrontation

– Reinforce behaviors and motivations of peak performers

– Actively listen and encourage open, two-way communication

– Define and establish expectations in a timely manner

– Create an action plan for improvement

Program Length: 4-hour and Full Day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communication, Developing Others, Relationship Building