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Communication Programs

Communicate with Impact

Effective communication is connected directly to your level of success, yet 80% of presenters are below average and dread the thought of making a presentation. Our program will give you specific skills and techniques to channel your fears into positive energy, and become a more powerful, energetic and effective presenter.

With our help, you will be able to:

– Speak clearly and confidently during presentations

– Overcome stress and speaker’s anxiety

– Understand the dynamics between verbal and nonverbal communication

– Command the attention of your audience and persuade them to act

– Create and present visual aids effectively

– Respond confidently and professionally to questions

– Develop a clear, memorable presentation

– Improve your skills with daily practice techniques

Note: presentations will be recorded for playback and review. You will receive instant feedback and helpful recommendations to help you make positive changes immediately.

Program Length: ½-day, Full Day and 2-day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communication, Self Development, Relationship Building

Group Facilitation Skills

Over 70% of internal training doesn’t achieve its stated objectives. Too often, organizations choose facilitators solely based on knowledge of the topic with little or no consideration given to teaching and training experience. This workshop will give you practical ways to prepare, develop and deliver successful training that not only meets, but exceeds participants’ expectations.

This program can help you:

– Understand the facilitator’s role

– Discern the difference between instruction and facilitation, and when to use each method

– Use adult learning principles to develop the framework of a course

– Develop and improve your presentation skills

– Create and present visual aids effectively

– Motivate and engage your audience

– Recognize the key elements of group dynamics

– Prepare properly for training sessions

– Set up, manage and debrief learning activities, including role plays, case studies and
   creative activities

Note: In the 2-day session, participants are required to facilitate a 20-minute presentation as a live demonstration including interaction with and challenges from the audience.

Program Length: 1 and 2-day Sessions

Core Competencies: Communication, Self Development, Relationship Building, Developing Others

Meeting Facilitation

Recent studies show that on average, top executives spend 80% of their day in meetings. For mid-level managers it can be as high as 60%. In addition, those polled reportedly believed half of that time was wasted. As a meeting facilitator, your preparation and effectiveness will determine how organized, informative and worthwhile your meeting will be. This program enhances your meeting facilitation skills, making your meetings shorter and more effective.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:

– Identify the different types of meetings and determine the necessity of each

– Identify the “four phases” of a successful meeting: pre-planning, conducting the meeting,
   wrap up and creating action plans

– Avoid meeting “creep”

– Utilize best practices for facilitating an effective meeting, while avoiding common pitfalls

– Build consensus, handle conflict and keep meetings on track

– Increase meeting communication and participation

Note: This program can be combined with our Communicate with Impact program for a full day session.

Program Length: 4-hour Session

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork