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Ethics in Action

“There’s no such thing as business ethics – there’s only ethics.” – John Maxwell

After years of scandalous behavior by multiple company executives, many shareholders would agree with Maxwell’s statement. Companies have an obligation to stakeholders to make employees aware of acceptable behavior in their corporate culture. The Ethics in Action program will serve as the cornerstone of your commitment to holding everyone in your organization to the highest ethical standards in your industry.

This program will enable you to:

– Highlight the personal and organizational impact of unethical behavior

– Identify the factors that mold our view of ethics

– Answer the question, “What constitutes unethical behavior?”

– Recognize the small infractions or misbehaviors that are a part of the ethics problem

– Learn the “Model of Ethical Congruence”

– Share an ethical decision-making process

– Establish guidelines for making daily decisions

– Complete an “Ethical Action Test” to check your responses in difficult situations

– Create an action plan to ensure ethical behavior

Program Length: 2-hour and 4-hour Sessions

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Self Development, Relationship Building, Teamwork, Trust

Personal Accountability

“It’s not my fault.” “No one told me.” “I forgot.” “That’s not my job.” If you or your organization are struggling with accountability, these comments probably sound familiar.
A lack of personal accountability can lead to decreased productivity and quality, lost opportunities, reduced profits and turnover of your best employees. In this program, learn how to create a culture where accountability thrives and is standard operating procedure.

With the help of this program, you will be able to:

– Build personal effectiveness and accountability skills

– Create a highly motivated workforce with accountable employees

– Eliminate the blame game and finger-pointing

– Create a culture in which people follow through with commitments

– Build a successful organization through committed, accountable employees

– Ask productive, action-oriented questions to address issues

– Introduce productive ways to handle complaints

– Dramatically improve customer service through a culture of personal accountability

– Develop an action plan for improvement

Program Length: 2-hour and 4-hour Sessions

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Self Development, Organizational Awareness, Trust

Personal Substance & Professionalism

Professional customer service and support are vital to any organization that wants to compete in today’s marketplace. The challenge for most organizations is finding individuals who possess the vast number of qualities necessary to be considered a professional. In this program, discover the core elements that make up personal substance and professionalism, and learn how to harness each to add value to personal and professional endeavors.

This program will help you:

– Define personal substance and professionalism

– Project a presence that attracts the right kind of attention

– Create a positive professional image through initial and sustained impressions

– Learn the components of initial perception, including: appearance, manner and communication style

– Learn the components of sustained perception, including: work ethic, discipline, ethics, confidence, awareness, etc.

– Discover why attitude is vital to success

– Lead by example by holding yourself and others accountable

– Discover the power of Emotional Intelligence

Program Length: 4-hour and 8-hour Sessions

Core Competencies: Commitment to Results, Communication, Self Development, Relationship Building

Time Management – Self Leadership

In a recent web poll, 54% of respondents said they get between three and six hours of work done in a day. Yet, the majority of the respondents are too busy to fit anything else into their hectic schedules. The good news is, we all have the ability to improve our effectiveness and productivity by identifying what matters most. This program focuses on the most important elements of your life and then helps you plan your days so you can accomplish what really matters to you.

Through this program, you will learn how to:

–  Recognize the four key steps to gain control of your time

– Analyze how you spend your time

– Identify and eliminate nine typical time wasters

– Create a “stop doing” list

– Influence others and take control of your time

– Improve your concentration and increase efficiency

– Recognize the key components of effective planning and goal setting

– Discover, clarify and prioritize what you value most and “purposefully”
   choose your activities

– Say “No,” and “I need help”

– Develop an action plan to start living life in accordance with what matters most.